Why Automist Smartscan?

Many of us are familiar with how a traditional fire sprinkler system looks and works. While they can be effective, they’re unpopular in homes: homeowners worry about water damage, large tanks, water supply upgrades, and maintenance costs. Automist Smartscan® offers a modern solution to these problems:

Water supply: our system consumes only 6 litres per minute (lpm) which is between a tap and shower. This can be connected to a flat’s existing water supply, just like a dishwasher would, because the water demand from system is no higher than from a typical domestic appliance.  This avoids communal works, the need for tanks or upgraded water supplies (a traditional sprinkler requires 60 lpm) so it brings predictability: predictability in cost to supply water because a tank/pump room will never be needed; predictability in performance because the water demand is inherently linked to the occupant’s consumption and availability; predictability in the water output from the system, which can even be stopped at the press of a button inside the same dwelling (as opposed to a sprinkler valve in some basement floors away). 

Multi-domestic approach: because each system is self-contained in a flat, it is not a centralised residential system with an independent tank/pump room.  This means that individual dwellings can be retrofitted on a need or availability basis without the need of a collective disruption to occupants. It can be done as part of a refurbishment or maintenance program.  The limitations of the use of residential watermist systems (in their water demand) is then overcome because each flat is treated as an individual dwelling, able to fight a fire at the same time as every other dwelling in the building given the demand in every flat is small and predictable.

No False Alarms – Automist Smartscan has a robust double knock trigger which uses a combination of smoke, heat, and rate of rise. Therefore, it is not prone to false activations.
Lack of disruption – Typically installed in just a few hours with minimal impact to the building—in part due to the use of flexible high-pressure hoses, which do not need to go through the ceiling.
Minimize activation damage – Automist Smartscan uses 90% less water than traditional sprinkler systems—minimizing consequential water damage, whilst providing the same performance.
Faster Approval – Automist Smartscan is covered by an LABC registered detail, EW534, allowing rapid local authority building control approval. It has met the fire performance standards outlined in BS 8458.
Low Maintenance – Annual tests of the full system operation from detection to activation are quick and simple—usually taking only a few minutes.
Prevent damage to your property – Automist Smartscan uses 90% less water than traditional sprinkler systems—minimizing consequential water damage, whilst providing the same performance.
Chain of accountability – Automist Smartscan can only be installed by Accredited Resellers who are regularly tested, and audited, ensuring high standards are maintained.

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