Fire Sprinklers
No tank or water upgrade required

Automist® is a simple, retrofittable, fire sprinkler. Gain approval when a traditional sprinkler is not practical. It is designed to minimise disruption during installation and does not need a tank or a commercial incoming water main. Winner of numerous international awards, Automist is trusted in thousands of homes worldwide to meet building regulations.

Automist® Types

Smartscan Hydra®

We developed Automist Smartscan Hydra® because we believed fire sprinklers could be better. They could operate faster, be more reliable, cause less damage and be applicable in more homes.

Plumis’ Automist Smartscan is the only water mist system in the UK to be third party tested and scrutinised by both LABC
and BSI and therefore has a Registered Detail and Certificate of Verification, respectively.

Typical use: Residential sprinkler equivalent
Automist Smartscan Hydra® can be used in the same residential applications as traditional sprinklers. It is described in an LABC Registered Detail (EW534) and passed all the fire performance tests that are applied to both conventional sprinklers & watermist sprinklers.


Key features:

– Connect 6 heads up to one pump for cost effective whole house coverage
– Intelligently targeted watermist spray with 6m range for volume protection
– Requires an independent circuit either via a dedicated RCD or RCBO, with fp200 cable
– water supply with 1 bar presure and 6lpm
– Triggered by a multi-sensor wireless or wired detector.

How Automist® Works

When triggered by a Plumis multi-sensor wireless or wired detector, all the linked spray heads will begin scanning. They start measuring the temperatures within the room using an infrared sensor. The scan is looking for an exceptionally high-temperature reading, or a differential increase between scans. Once the temperature exceeds a threshold that head is deemed to have successfully located a fire. All heads which locate a fire during a scan are then compared to see which has the best view.

The selected spray head will lock onto the selected location, and activate the high-pressure pump, driving mains water through the unique nozzle unit, quickly directing a dense fog into the location of the fire. The high momentum vertical spray orientation with a horizontal trajectory is designed so even shielded fires are saturated with a turbulent flow of mist, suppressing the fire.

Fixed Wall Head

A standard Automist® installation is a discreet wall mounted spray head. It can be installed seamlessly and unobtrusively to meet building regulations.

Typical use: Open-plan 3 storey house

A standard Automist® installation is described in an LABC Registered Detail (EW171) for use in open plan layouts in loft converted houses in England and Wales. The Registered Details scheme allows UK building control officers to approve a project without a long and detailed investigation.

Key features:

– 180° distributed spray with 5m range for volume protection
– Requires an independent circuit either via a dedicated RCD or no RCD, and water supply
– Triggered by a heat alarm


How Automist® Works

In the event of a fire, the system is triggered automatically by a ceiling mounted detector. Heat detection is recommended for most applications (Approved Document B) as it effectively eliminates nuisance activations. Unlike conventional sprinklers, Automist® can be stopped manually by pressing a button on its control panel. As Automist® uses much less water than a traditional sprinkler system, water damage in the event of activation is minimised. Where desired, manual activation can also be provided through a manual call point.

Once triggered, a small pump drives mains water through the unique nozzles unit, quickly filling the room volume with a dense fog.  Water mist removes heat and displaces oxygen from the fire zone, resulting in fire control, suppression or extinguishment. The intention is to lower the temperature, lessen the radiative heat and reduce the oxygen concentration to such an extent that combustion can be longer be maintained, and therefore reducing damage and maintaining survivable conditions.

Adding water to a kitchen chip pan fire can greatly exacerbate the fire, the same is not true for water mist, as the updraught from the flame and the evaporation of the tiny droplets prevents water from reaching and collecting in the pan.

Personal Protection Systsem (PPS)

Automist® PPS is a portable version of the Automist system with an integrated water tank.

Typical use: Vulnerable person protection

Automist® Personal Protection System (PPS) is designed to detect and suppress fire at the earliest stage, before significant heat and smoke develops. It is a key tool for managing the fire risk to vulnerable individuals. Automist® PPS is unique because it can be customised to meet a variety of risk profiles.

Key features:

– Zonal spray with 3m range for area protection
– Requires a mains 13amp spur for powering the pump
– The water tank must be sterilised and refilled every 6 months
– Power loss alarm 
– Triggered by flame detector for early detection of fire

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